March 16, 2014

Best. Day. Ever!!!

Look who just got 3 new sinks! Well to be fair, we always had three sinks but they always clogged and used motion sensors. Ahhh sinks are already a "hot zone" in my room (I don't know about yours!) just imagine kids turning on and off the sinks just by walking by and swiping their hand. Yeah, I had to turn them off. These new sinks have been working great and save 5 minutes during clean up! (I just ducked because I know you are throwing things at me right about now!) How did this happen after 8 years?Our new custodian came up with a plan, presented it to her boss and voila, eight years of frustration solved in a week! Now what to do for our awesome new custodial team??? Any ideas appreciated! 

PS The color coding works great. Each color table has a specific faucet they are assigned to. Hope the novelty of this all doesn't wear of too soon! Sink behavior was a non-issue last week! 


Mr. E said...

Very nice! I have one very small sink that is too tall for kindergarten....and after 25 years as an art room...clogs often. But I am thankful...first few years had no sink ...had to haul 5 gal buckets to my room daily.

HipWaldorf said...

Jealous. Impressed. Clever - really - clever!


Claire said...

My single sink is lonely now and is having a major inferiority complex. After 8 years I'd make a goody basket with 8 treats or gifts as a thank you!

Phyl said...

I love the color coding idea! Keep us posted on how it works, please.

Meanwhile, in my current situation, we use buckets of water, because our only option is the sink in the bathroom at the end of the hall. I try to get the kids to pre-wipe and wash brushes really well, so that the bathroom doesn't have an impact. Since I pay no rent on my space, I don't dare clog the sink!!