Welcome to my blog. I'm glad you're here. If you weren't here I'd probably be talking to my husband about all the good times, crazy times, cool art projects and ideas I have. So I guess my husband is glad you're here too. Mostly you'll find art lessons, highlights from my day, and forgive me if I post a few too many pictures of my little "raison d'etre!" Stella. Enjoy. Art Project Girl


Unknown said...

I'm still learning about following blogs. please forgive me. i found you at the AOE conference and have now attepted to follow your blog. i don't believe in facebook so i used my gmail acct. to follow you. here's my question: will this notify me every time you add a new post? that is my goal. if not, please let me know how to make that happen. somehow i have made that work with patty palmer and i love it! lcoffman@afcschools.net

Unknown said...

hmmm I have no idea I'll put a shout out to you and you can tell me if it works!