February 18, 2014

Messy Attendance Book NO MORE!

Our music teacher is our school's tech guru. He shared this app with me called Class Dojo to help me keep my attendance book beautiful. I wish I could show you my real hard copy attendance book. . . it is a hot mess (mainly due to my big handwriting and the amount of students that transition in and out of our classes throughout the year!)

I am still working on using this app consistently and not reverting to my book, it takes me a few weeks to make anything a habit.

Two things that will make this work better for me. . .
1. A dedicated sure spot for the iPad. I have actually thought about having it attached to my board somehow so it could be used as a timer as well.
2. Keeping it charged! I envision a charger going up to the iPad wherever it finds a home.

Let me know what you think of this app.

My big question is WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK OF THE BEHAVIOR PIECE of the app?

Is it all too much and too "big brother" for you. . .still not sure how to use the behavior piece in a way that doesn't bother my class time too much and is positive for kids. I definitely don't want to go over board with the evaluation and every second of accountability because I feel it hinders us from taking risks in art. It could be awesome in a regular classroom setting though don't you agree?

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