April 25, 2012

Tracing in the Art Room

I TRY to never promote tracing. You've read my thoughts on using tracers, so you can imagine that I discourage tracing. I also believe in breaking the rules, with good enough reason. This was one of the times I had to break my own rules!

We created this mural in our after school Green Team (we also made a few more which I will show you if we ever finish them.) Then we added words to our mural in an ap called WordFoto click on the link to see the initial design here.

In progress! We have more tracing to do which the kids love by the way!
Next I projected their WordFoto onto their mural and they began tracing the words. Can I just note that I LOVE technology! I love it so much I use my own mac, ipad and projector (which I bought for the kids.) I don't want a cookie or pat on the back (well a cookie would actually be good right now) but I'm wondering. . . do any of you BUY supplies or technology for the classroom? What are your reasons? I can't stop buying supplies! I have an impulse problem, when I want something for the classroom, I want to use it right away and I'm not usually able to wait a whole year or write a grant for it! 


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head when you said, I see it and want it and I buy it cuz I need it right NOW! If I ever totaled up how much of my money that I spend on supplies I would probably be ill. I always tell myself that it's okay because I don't have a hubby or kids so I can spend it on my students. Recently, within the past year, our district mandated $3.00 per elementary student for art supplies. That's better than before, but still not enough. One of my students won $750.00 for our school to buy art supplies with- a poster contest win. Yay! The murals are great!

Phyl said...

I'm always buying stuff, but I haven't bought technology for school. It's more like I spend $5 here, $10 there - a bag of playground sand, some boxes of metallic markers, paper plates, plastic eggs, stuff at Lowe's to build my Chihuly tower, etc.

As for tracing, I actually have been using some tracers this week - dragonfly wings and bodies for my first grade and flower petals for kinders. I'll post photos soon, but they were means to an end, and I don't feel guilty.

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

I can't stay away from Amazon! I love to buy books for my classroom! I think I placed 3 orders just this week!

Mrs. Erb said...

Are you kidding? I spend so much on my classroom art supplies out of my own pocket...I probably spend about $600 out of my own pocket on stuff through the year. Its just that I come up with projects that I don't have enough supplies for and i have to have it now! I do use templates for shapes sometimes, but I seriously discourage tracing...and I am an expert at figuring out who is tracing!

J.ham said...

I buy supplies on the impulse all the time. But I find I am getting better with time. As a first year teacher I would spend a lot of my paycheck on extra goodies. Now though, I try to restrain and really push my budget to the limit. But does that means I am perfect now? NO. :)

Angie said...

What a great use of tracing! I spend WAY too much of my own money, though I haven't bought major technology items. My school has provided a lot of good technology stuff, but not basics like crayons. Does that seem a little crazy?