April 20, 2012

You Have Summers Off!

When people say "but you have summers off" you know exactly what that means. Even my own HUSBAND says it to me from time to time. Now I can't say what I think when someone says that to me (because I'm sure you feel the same way too) but I can say they just don't understand. 

I call it a SPRINT and CRASH job. We sprint, or work extremely hard in a condensed amount of time then crash, because no human could keep up that pace year round! Another way to think about it is perform and prepare. I spend many of my breaks preparing so that when I'm teaching I can simply perform at my best. 

This has been a great break. Taking care of Stella, Dr.'s appointments, graduate school work (for those of you who don't know teachers are required to get masters degrees to continue teaching), getting art show submissions ready, buying classroom supplies that I ran out of, stocking up my cabinets for the last bit of the school year, oh yeah! AND STELLA! Well crashing hasn't been the same with Stella. But, it has been so much fun for her and I to do everything together. Here are just a few of the pictures I snuck in to our busy schedule this week! 

Stella learned to walk.
Then saw her dad, made this expression, and fell on her bottom!
Really well!
If you think Frankenstein walks well.

Forsythia's bloomed!

Party in her crib. 6 am. everyday.

Yes I know my house is a mess,
you don't have to rub it in!

I don't bother really "folding" her clothes any more.
In and out of the drawers they go!
Strawberry Picnic!

She was having a tantrum before I gave her the WHOLE strawberry. 

Which I had to take away promptly.
Which incited a bigger tantrum.

Watching T.V.
I gave in for our new Sesame Street DVD.
Adam Sandler makes an appearance! I had to.

Playing with MY old dollhouse!

Going back to my old stomping grounds.
Mom's birthday. Window shopping and lunch.
So much has happened on this street of my old town, Litchfield.
Now Stella is walking on the same sidewalks. So cool!

"Litchfield Style" the book!
That just makes me laugh

This is why I smile!


lauralee said...

I love this post!! If we didn't have summers off , there would be BIG trouble! I totally agree with how most people could never understand the non-stop crazy work we do. 900 kids is NO JOKE! and then coming home to my own 3. Lucky to still be standing sometimes. Your daughter is so adorable. Enjoy!!! Mine is 15 now and I cry!

Jessica - The Art of Education said...

Sprint and Crash is the perfect way to describe what we do. We always get asked "what are you doing this summer" as if we have to be doing something (and I usually am) but it's perfectly ok to not be.

Oh and I have the same dollhouse from my childhood. Wonder if we still have it... The photos of Stella are great- I hadn't seen these. We are having the same party in the crib at 6 am every day, too. Lots of smiles, though.

Anonymous said...


Stella is getting so big! What a beautiful little cutie patootie! My fave photo is her face through the door of the dollhouse-Very artful:)
I look people straight in the eye when they ask the "summer question" and say," I get to have a life." Period. Like everyone has echoed in their comments, people could never understand unless they walked a mile in our shoes. I don't know how all of you with husbands and children do it. I come home at night (usually after 6:00, school having ended at 3:30) and collapse. My house is a disaster, laundry is piled up and I could probably qualify for that show on A&E,Hoarders! LOL


Phyl said...

Sprint and crash definitely says it! I've just been sprinting non-stop.

My college photography professor forbade us from submitting photos of kids or animals, and it's photos like these that make me realize why. With a face as cute as Stella's how could anyone possibly critique a photo? Guaranteed cuteness!!

Kristin said...

oh my goodness stella is so beautiful!! i want to eat those cheeks!

oh, and just ignore the haters. they don't get it and they never will. just be glad you don't have a job where you have to sit behind a computer for 8 hours a day!! egads!!

Unknown said...

lauralee: I always forget you teach 900!!! I teach only 600 I think and it seems difficult! I have no idea how you would stay standing WITHOUT some days off! 15 is a hard age if they just want to be with their friends, but sometimes girls at that age are mom's best friend, it just depends.

Jessica: I can't believe you had the same dollhouse:) I wonder if you have the Teddy Ruxpin or American Girl doll or EZ Bake oven or Gilligans Island floating bath set that we had! Love all of your photos of Nora.

Pat:All I can say is people do what they have to do! I remember thinking the same thing when I was pregnant and it was very stressful. But the anticipation was more stressful then just doing it. I totally get the staying past 6:00pm thing. I used to do that for so many years. I think sometimes with new jobs you NEED to plant your garden (as my mom says.) After a while it was important for me to get to the point where I can weed and water. It's my 6th year and I've made lots of systems that work so I leave at 3:45. My hubby came in room and said "it's never looked this good in here!" the other day! We still do the same messy stuff I'm just tougher on the kids. They know I have to go pick up Stella and most respect that and go above and beyond to help clean up. They ALWAYS ask for STELLA!!! When I bring her in they talk about her for weeks after, "I saw Stella." Like she was a celebrity and make her loads of pictures and cards. I love the kids I teach. There is something about the hispanic culture that is much more loving then the cold new england attitude!

Phyl: Thank goodness he didn't tell Lewis Hines that or Dorothea Lange! love that! Telling people they can't photograph their own life! Isn't that what a lot great photography was based on? I'm sure someone told Jim Dine not to ever paint hearts too! Sorry this professor pushed on his students ideas of what "good" art is. It's more important to question and explore the process then set limits on the subject.

Princess Arty Pants;) Love the look of your blog. It's new right? I cannot wait to see the pictures from your last holiday I keep on checking back. You must of had so much fun. Your family is so beautiful. Your life looks so exotic and amazing to those of us in the U.S. I love seeing snippets of what life is like for you! i don't think I'd put my camera away!

Principles of Heart said...

Love the pictures! Your daughter is adorable and I LOVE her name. And I totally had the same dollhouse! Ah, memories.

Also, what you said about Summer break is perfect. Unless someone else has done it, they just don't understand. I try to explain it to my husband when I crash on Saturdays!