September 9, 2010

Wild About Wild Things!

I love Where The Wild Things Are.  I was so excited to see how Britney created a lesson around the story in her blog Draw, Paint, and Color. There is so much you can do with this book. Many years ago, I collaborated with a group of 4 and 5 year olds to make a movie adaptation and some really cute costumes! They loved learning the simple lines of the book and making the story come to life. 

Last year, we made Wild Thing Masks that  combines a variety of animals. We experimented with cutting, folding, and rolling paper to make details for our masks. These examples are from special needs students in an ELL class (quite impressive right!) 

One class of second graders even performed a page from the book while wearing their masks. That was a fun impromptu performance for their teacher!

Hope you enjoy this book too and I would love to hear what you Wild Projects you have done!


Phyl said...

Great masks!

Cheryl Hancock said...

Erica , they are great masks. I have finished some great clay wild thing monsters with my grade 2/3s. I will have to take photos and will then post them on my blog OZ KIDZ ARTZ The students coloured the clay with crayon Need to apply it as hard as possible and then we painted them with Sumi- E ink - Indian ink would do the same thing. Be patient it may take a few days for me to get the photos up now very busy with end of term cleanup and getting ready for district art display and whole school exhibtion
Cheryl H