September 9, 2010

Halloween Dream

Today was the first day I could wear a light sweater which makes me want to run out and buy some MUMS!!! I am already starting to dream up how I will top my Halloween decorations from last year.

 I really want to make my house The Emerald City with a green spotlight and have the wicked witches legs coming out from under the house with some big curly shoes! I have no idea how I will create a yellow brick road but maybe some yellow spotlights? If I only had the brain, the heart, the nerve, THE TIME! Stay tuned to see what I actually end up doing!


Janie B said...

Cute idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Phyl said...

Oh my gosh I have MILES of big bright yellow contact paper (a huge roll, maybe 5'tall that I've been trying to farm out for years), and I'm such a Wizard of Oz freak. I spent many Halloweens as the wicked witch, in the days before I cut off my hippie hair and ditched my contact lenses for glasses... Anyhow, re: the contact paper, I'd cut it in big chunks to mail you if you want. SERIOUSLY. Think about it and let me know. I'm trying to deplete my supply and would be happy to part with it for an artistic cause. If you want some, send me an email w/a mailing address. My email is

OH I also have a HUGE wheel of glow-in-the dark contact paper - the type of stuff that holds a glow for a bit after a light has been shined on it. It's maybe 3 or 4 inches wide - and there's enough to pave 1/2 way around the planet I think.

The Creative Journey said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I haven't been able to respond on my blog, can't seem to find the right html to make it work. The shoes were made for a display a long time ago and I thought they were fun to have in the art room. The kids love them. They make me think of Wizard of Oz. I like the way you are using your journals with the students writing. I have mainly used them for drawing.

Unknown said...

Brenda I have always thought of painting shoes!

Phyl. . . I have been thinking about that contact paper:) I definitely don't want to waste it unless I've got an idea! I don't know if it will stick to the sidewalk! Thanks for offering!!! I am thinking about making signs "there's no place like home", we're off to see the wizard and such going down the sidewalk and putting yellow rope lights:) IF I CAN FIND THEM outlining the sidewalk.