June 6, 2013

Lovely LA

I have a lot of cool projects that we've been doing that I promise I'll post about this summer. Tons of pictures to share. . .  but

The end of this year is so busy now with 6,000 grades, 10 more days of school, two conference presentations for AOE, two weddings, one documentary film, one 50 page thesis paper, and oh yeah a family. And all I want to do is REMINISCE.

Santa Monica. Ahhh. I was honored to be in my best friend's wedding in LA last weekend. This isn't any friend, she is more like my sister. We were neighbors since I was three and she has helped me with every art project ever since. She is a scientist by profession, but I think she's an artist pursuing her back up career right now. We grew up and pursued different passions but our friendship always stuck. After high school, I had no idea our lives would come together again when I got accepted to RISD. My brilliant friend was accepted into every university and college I could only dream of, but she decided to go to Brown University. It was there, at RISD and Brown that we started a new chapter of our friendship, sisterhood. We were roommates throughout college and it was awesome to have that connection to home. The scientist and the artist. So glad to be your friend. So glad you are mine.

So happy you are happy out in LA, but we miss you here in New England. Here's some pics of the whirlwind weekend.



Happy moment.

The swanky venue.

My preschool buddies.

Only pic of me and my guy.


Mary said...

Beautiful pics Erica! If she had gotten married there a few years ago, my husband probably would have done the wedding. He was the Banquet Manager for Casa del Mar and Shutters on the Beach. :)

Unknown said...

That's so cool. Is he still in the wedding business? I heard the news today, oh boy. So sad what's happening with violence in our schools prayers to Santa Monica college.

Phyl said...

So wonderful to have a friend like that! It was good you were able to work it out to get out there and participate in her special day. She looks so happy!

And by the way, your friend ROCKS that black and white swirl dress! Not too many people could pull that off! And I have to ask you about the silver bag you were carrying. I could only see part of it, but... LOVE!