April 2, 2011

Can You Find the Birds Nest?

I got this fantastic basket in the mail with champagne, caviar, chocolate, and birds nests!

I know my art blogger friends will be able to spot the birds nests right away, enough for at least 3 classes of first graders.

Happy Birthday Basket. . . and if you look in my outgoing
mail there is something coming to you Phyl.

This beautiful basket came from my mother in law, Momma Stinz, who never forgets my birthday and spoils me rotten. I secretly love it, or not so secretly now. I forgot it was my birthday until the UPS guy rang my doorbell. I stopped feeding the baby, pulled down my shirt, make-upless, and hair disheveled opened the door. The UPS guy was totally embarrassed and kept on apologizing. . . I looked down, yes my clothes were in order! I quickly signed for the package, to the UPS guy's relief, and ran inside to open it. A beautiful birthday card and a basket filled with champagne, caviar, chocolates, everything to start a party. The thing I was most excited about was the supplies to make birds nests with my first graders! When I go back in three weeks we will make clay birds (a spring favorite) and nests.

Paper + tons of glue= Birds Nests!

I don't have a picture of the clay birds but. . .
this is a drawing a student did before making our birds.



Christie - Fine Lines said...

Gosh! Only 3 more weeks!!!! It just seems like yesterday that you started your leave!!!

Ruth Lee said...

Happy Birthday!!! your mom-in-law rocks!!

Phyl said...

Happy Birthday Erica! My 30th was a LONG time ago but I remember it - a bright fall day, garage-sale-ing with my parents (neither of whom are with me any more). I have small feet, and I found a pair of bright red old-fashioned lace-up boot roller skates (not blades) that I bought that day. I was unfortunately a failure at roller-skating but I loved those skates.

Meanwhile - I'm excited seeing my name on your outgoing mail! - the doodle (Zentangle?) around the border looks exactly like something I would do.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I know 3 more weeks! But I'm excited to go back too, well torn actually. Yes! It's a zen-velope in honor of your zentangle post

Janie B said...

Congratulations and best wishes on the big day! It's been a while (30 years) since I was 30, but I remember liking that age. Have a great year!

MJ said...

Erica- I ADORE Art Project Girl and Lamamomma! Your posts are so honest and a breath a fresh air after a long day in the Art room! I just wanted to let you know I did the Kinder "Easy project you can do tomorrow" (the painted flowers) with my Kinders a few weeks ago and several parents have visited me to let me know they framed the pieces when they made their way home! They turned out just beautifully! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

Unknown said...

Yes! Ruth my mom in law pretty much ROOCCKZ!!! Love you momma Stinz if you're reading this. Stella is a lucky girl. . . I always dreamed of a great dad and great extended family and now I found the greatest dad and fam for Stella!

Wow! Heidi your compliment comes at a time I was contemplating not blogging anymore. . . there is someone who I don't want in my life who found my blogs and is "following" them to put it nicely. It means a lot that other art teachers are able to enjoy the blogs for the reasons I started them! Thank you.

Phyl said...

Oh dear, Erica, you can't stop blogging. I hope your blawker (blogger/stalker?) leaves you alone because I'd miss you; I think you were the first blogger I felt was a friend. The coolest thing about blogging is finding you have so much in common with people, even when we are at such different stages of life. (Someday we're going to meet in person, you know...)