May 3, 2010

Simple Abstract Sneaker Designs

Ya'll know, I love me a simple project. Yes I said that with a Southern accent. Because like a southern gal on a July day, this project gets straight to the point. Abstract art has always been a complicated concept for students but here is a simple introduction. 

 As a lead in to this project my students drew their sneakers (I will posts some of our results later.) 


1. Make a rubbing of the bottom of your sneaker (or your friends.)
2. Enlarge the design to the point of abstraction. At this point you can add more details create balance and movement.
3. Finally color the spaces using a black sharpie marker. Make sure to create balance by making some interesting positive space and negative space (some students will just outline their design so talk about creating positive and negative shapes.)
4. This project was an interesting contrast to their original sneaker drawings and allowed us to talk about abstract art. 


Rachel Motta said...

wicked cute idea! Thanks for the comments on my blog and following! i am actually from Rhode Island myself, but love the weather down here.. or did before the flood! ANyway keep in touch!--- Rachel

Anonymous said...

Rhode Island COOL! I went to RISD in Providence! Love it there but the weather in Providence ewww. Thanks for checking out the blog

Jacquelien said...

Thanks for giving me the link of this lesson! You're right, it's really nice to see part of the soles that way!

Unknown said...


I looked for this post in the PROJECTS PROJECTS PROJECTS section of your blog and did not find it. Is there a section where you keep random posts?

Great ideas! Thank you for sharing.