September 26, 2014


I am going to post a picture a day of my COZY and I'll add creative art room!

Today I'm sharing with you the corner of the room that my students dream of. . . Art Centers. There has been a lot of talk about student choice in the art room, but I find student choice impossible to manage full time for 500 students.  So this is my solution, 10 to 15 minutes every other week we fit in some free-choice in the form of art centers. I'm still working on getting students to follow all of my art center procedures. First we get a tray and choose a spot, then we choose a center, all materials stay on the tray (to make sure no one is tripping over projects on the carpet.) We are not there yet but each time we take out centers they get better and better and since we only do it every other week it will take some time and modeling. In this corner of the room you also see our objectives board (I CAN board), rules, maps, demonstration easel, teacher "perch", smock storage, and a few little things I do to make my room homey, lamps, air purifier and music. Show me your art room in the comments! Link me up:)

Check out this cozy
corner of my room! More classroom crashing to come.


Mrs. Hahn said...

Very Montessori of you. I'm not there yet in my classroom this year... but it's on the list. This is so 'now'... Student choice and TAB.

Ruth Lee said...

I love your art center! Is there where students would go if they're done with their project early? And I totally agree with the map idea, especially when you're pointing out where an artist is from.

Michelle said...

Love your set up! It looks very well thought out and inviting! Can I ask where you got your easel from?

Ruth Lee said...

Hi! I noticed your basket of smocks. Can I ask what brand and size you order? Thank you!