April 23, 2014

An Art Teacher's Vacation

One of the coolest parts about being an art teacher is Spring Break!

I decided instead of spring cleaning (which is what I normally do) YAWN, we were going to go to NASHVILLE! My two brothers moved there and let me tell you, after this last trip to Nashville, I think the rest of the country has moved there too! I haven't been in a few years and it is booming. I mean it is BOOMING. I won't be surprised if next time I visit, the seedy outskirts turn into little hip Brooklyn-like neighborhoods. As usual the best parts of our Nashville were the friends, family and music. 

Do you know this CHICK? I found her at the FROYO place:)
Cassie Stephens, my sis-in-law Kelly and I got some awesome Sweet Cece's froyo and talked a little shop.
I wore the paint palette hair clip that Cassie made for my daughter Stella for the rest of the night. . .
When one guy asked me if I was an art teacher I couldn't resist asking "are you clairvoyant?!!!"

Cassie's palette clips could easily be the symbol for art teachers everywhere:)
I'm still waiting to be the first customer at her ETSY store
and I'll be the crazy lady yelling  "I knew her when!!!"  she gets her own TARGET line.

PS: Cassie has no plans of selling these on ETSY but maybe if we beg?

Here are the highlights of this art teacher's Spring Break.

Nana's Birthday with all of her Grandangels:)

A much needed night out on the town!
Maybe two towns:)

playing, snuggling, pretending, dancing

My FAVORITE part of Nashville.

I'm a dork. 

April 13, 2014


We just got a fun package in the mail. . . just in time for my birthday!

I wasn't expecting anything so when I opened it and found a brand new pencil sharpener and pencils I was sure there was a catch! Was I expected to have to review this new art supply? But as I read through the letter there was no catch and no reason for them to send this. . .

If you would like me to review this new pencil sharpener, I'm afraid I can't. You see the test of a good sharpener is time. Most usually die in about six months. This one is really powerful, but only time will tell! I'll let you know if it is any good in about. . . six months!

In the meantime thanks TICONDEROGA!

April 2, 2014

Simple 2nd grade Animation

Testing Testing 1, 2

This is my first test making a GIF simple animation out of the students' drawings.

This GIF WINS the prize for "Most Annoying Gif in the WORLD!" True to the Pigeon character in the Mo Willems book.

 photo birdie_zps10fe4a0d.gif

We used the Mo Willems Pigeon series for inspiration. . . much more annoying animations to come. Hopefully the new method we used today will be less annoying because they drew a few more pictures!