October 1, 2014

Classroom Crashing Continued

Kinder through second grade always start class in circle.
My little stool is just low enough to let me be part of the group.
Part Deux: My Cozy Classroom

If you like it then you should've put a frame on it. oh oh oh oh oh oh

More Frames.
These frames are made of styrofoam and are super light.
Want some?
I have NO IDEA where to buy them.
My mom bid on them at an auction (the person who owned the house was an interior designer and used them for staging)
She paid $20.00 for a huge bag of them! She knew I'd love them. 

This is the work horse of my room.
It is a hand-me-down from my good friend's classroom, you can still see the names. I use it to
store art; each class has their own shelf.
It is perfect, except it is four cubbies to small and every year that number grows!

View from my desk.

Hope you liked the tour of my art room! Hauling my camera to school and finding a minute to snap these pics was an epic feat for me. But, I really wanted to share with you this cozy space that I get to work in. I love seeing your rooms too. 

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