June 24, 2014

Best Teacher Gifts Ever

This just cracks me up.  I don't really get a lot of presents for teacher appreciation day or Christmas, but for Mother's Day and the last day of school. . . I hit the mother load.

Most are homemade and a few are addressed to my daughter who has become quite the little celebrity since the day she got to visit my class because of an emergency. The kids have never stopped talking about her! She sat and colored quietly with the girls in the classes and they all think they are her teacher/babysitter/big sister. It was so Montessori having the multi age levels and showed me that sometimes what we think will be a disaster is the best thing ever. I digress.

I got a lot of thoughtful gifts (I hope someone's mom isn't looking for earrings because I got some beautiful costume jewelry), but this note just makes me smile. Although we think we are regular teachers, clearly the kids still think we are "special." Saving this one.

I can't follow directions either. . . It says check one, not circle! I would so fail the new SBAC test at this rate.

Note to Parents: When thinking of a gift for your child to get for his/her teacher, fold a piece of paper and let him/her go! Those are the best gifts ever!

What's the BEST (and by best I mean funniest/cutest) 
teacher gift you got this year?