June 25, 2014

Art Room Organization

I spent the first few days of summer completing OPERATION ORGANIZE the art room.

This process started a month ago with kids laminating all these super cute labels I got on Teachers Pay Teachers. Kids did the nitty gritty work of testing markers, sharpening colored pencils etc etc etc. The last week of school I shut down my regular lessons and created art centers (dough, building, legos, drawing) and just started sorting, closet by closet!

Why did it take so long? For three reasons

1. I inherited an art room filled to the brim with stuff from the 70's (must've been trucked from the old art room as this room was pretty new.)

2. I had a baby, finished my masters and teach 500 ++++ students a week with minimal plan time (things have been busy the last three years, really really busy.)

3. People bring me stuff. Loads of stuff.

I need someone to celebrate with me. Someone who understands why this took 1 week with kids in my room every hour + 2 days (with a three year old in toe) and 1 day all by myself (it was a vacation of sorts.)  Yippeeee I'm free!!!!

Well sort of (I brought home 4 boxes of lesson files to go through!)
My Scary Closet BEFORE

My scary Closet After (sort of) I still could use another day in there!

I'm so proud of my babies. . . each little cabinet is as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Watercolors:) No more big bins, sorted by color and type.

 So yes, this was an epic feat! They really do pay teachers WAY too much;) LOL off to bring in the boxes of lesson files from my car. Going to spend my summer, organizing, editing and reimagining my lessons for next year.


Beth Carter said...

Looks great and I bet it feels really good too.

Phyl said...

Congratulations! It always feels so good to do that! I need to work on it in my own home... Yikes. It's a miracle my husband puts up with my stuff EVERYWHERE. I think he tries to ignore me!

Mrs. C said...

Yeah for you! Doesn't it feel good?! I had my 3d,4th and 5th graders help me organize the art room shelves the last week of school. I usually have visuals covering them during the year so you can't see the chaos! When I took them down I literally thought, " Holy Crap! " in my head... they now look amazing! :)