January 1, 2013

Craft Room Redo Journey

I am ambitious! I think you have to be to be an artist. I often have to scale back my expectations. To make matters worse, I want everything done at once! This journey of creating a craft room is taking longer then expected. So here it is my craft room redo journey.

I was sure I would be posting about my amazing craft room transformation by the end of this week, but I am still going through boxes and tossing/donating more stuff. It is truly daunting how much stuff accumulated in 31 years. So, I decided to update with some progress.

Stayed under budget by finding a carpet installer on craigslist and using a remnant.
That doorway leads to a whole lot of storage space!
Art teacher bliss.

Embarrassing how much stuff piles up!
This is the contents of that room emptied out into the main basement.
This space used to be piled to the ceiling with stuff from my parents house.
I'm looking forward to cutting this pile in half as I donate and trash a lot more.
BEWARE: I am showing the ugly parts too. The piles of donations, keepers and trash. Why? So often we see beautiful before and afters that happen neatly in a half hour, but that's not the truth! Organizing your life takes weeks (sometimes months), lots of stamina, and an occasional pat on the back.

So here's my pat on the back to myself. I am going to celebrate what I've accomplished so far because this is something I'm doing for me! 


momma said...

You motivate me!

Phyl said...

Ah, Erica, I can't even BEGIN to tell you how jealous I am of this room. I have an adorable old Victorian house, with small rooms and no extra space. I do artwork in the kitchen sometimes (that's where I built the latke trophy), and I have an easel upstairs in a tiny room (the "computer room") that has no table surface to work on, no natural light, and light colored carpeting. Our basement is a hell-hole. I am afraid to go down there. There is no way to make it usable, short of spending my retirement savings or knocking the house down and starting over.

While I love retirement, I do miss having the studio space my artroom gave me for working on crazy projects.

So I'm jealous of you, but also happy for you too!!

Unknown said...

Don't be!

Unfortunately I won't be in this house much longer. The house is not something Nick and I love together . . . but I wanted to realize some of my vision before we leave! I hope we will eventually end up somewhere that makes him so happy too. In the meantime . . . I hope to enjoy my craft room. Home is where ever we are happy together and but I do miss my craft room already and I'm not even finished.

Office Rental Solutions said...

Yes, that accomplishment is definitely worth to celebrate. You did well and good job in motivating readers to do their own re-do as well.