January 7, 2013

The Camera Counselor!

A lot of you have gotten some pretty swanky cameras for Christmas or have a pretty nice digital camera sitting on a shelf. With all that excitement comes the fear of changing from shooting automatic to shooting manual mode. The only way to make your relationship with your camera grow is to spend time with it. 

Hopefully these Camera Counseling Sessions can take the fear out of your manual settings!

       The Camera Counseling Sessions:
  • What do I need to get started? Group discussion on a "perfect match" 
  • How do I work this thing? Speaking the same language as your camera.
  • Lighten Up! (How to bring light into the relationship when there is none.)
  • Photoshop Fun: Keep it fresh.
  • Saving the Memories: A "FOREVER" future

(I will leave the artsy stuff like composition and subject to you because you are all artists!) 

We all have different reasons for wanting beautiful pictures, whatever your reason, it is important to take pictures and lots of them, mistakes and all. There is a selfish reason for me wanting to do these tutorials. I want everyone to have beautiful pictures. I feel like I've missed some important moments for my own friends and family. I am super busy being a mom and teacher that being a photographer is not something that I can commit to full time as I dream about. I want everyone to be able to capture the moments of their life and their family's life. I hope these little posts will make a big difference in your images.

I will leave you with the "ever popular" before and afters.
I am by no means a photography expert, but I am a professional MOMMARAZI and I majored in photo at RISD. Most I have taught myself since I graduated as we were not entirely digital back then!


Stella + her cousin + cuddling = a photo op
These are the times you can't wait for a professional photographer.



If you've read this far leave a comment if you are interested and if you are experiencing any problems in your new camera relationship. 

Your Friend,

Art Project Girl aka The Camera Counselor


Phyl said...

If yo are going to be the camera counselor, does that mean I can get to go to camera camp? It sounds like fun!

You know I've got the new camera, and my first day with it was very frightening (but so were my first days with the iPad, so I think there is hope for the future). I was reviewing photos on the camera, scrolling through them, and I guess I pushed the wrong button or something. Next thing I knew the screen was black, and the screen said Damaged Memory Card. Remove immediately. Instant terror! But I turned off the camera, took out the card, and put it back in and now everything is working ok. Whew! Emergency diverted!

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to playing with the camera, since, as you know, I began as a high school photo teacher for 8 years. I know a lot of people with cameras like mine that never take them off automatic, but since I have the understanding of aperture and shutter speed, I have no excuse for laziness.

Now I just need some weather that makes meant to go back outside to take pics.

Phyl said...

That whole big comment, and I forgot to say I am interested, but am curious how you are going to do this.

Unknown said...

I am going to post stuff you already know! Just a few quick tips on each topic. Please be a counselor too if I get comments and questions.

Mrs. Impey said...

I could use some counseling! I bought a Canon T3i just before Christmas and I've been fooling around with it a bit, but I definitely need refreshing on shutter speeds and what all of the abbreviations mean on my camera screen! I only took one class of photography in college with a 35mm manual camera and needless to say, the photo teacher wasn't my favorite, so I didn't retain much! :-/

Unknown said...

That link on your blog is hilarious! I have a Canon also so I will probably be able to help a lot without googling a manual. Cool.

Rachel said...

sfI am interested!

Katie Morris said...

Great idea! It's amazing how many teachers stop by and say "I need you to teach me how to use my new camera!" I learned more from my digital camera than in my photo class with film because I could see immediately how the settings affected the photo.

Unknown said...

Hmmm Katie now I'm starting to think maybe a few of us should get together and do this workshop thing! I forget how many photographer/ art teacher bloggers I know!

Jenna Irvine said...

Nice Pics! I got a camera in the fall and have been playing and learning as I go. I love the bottom pic of the baby that you made into blk & wht....how do you edit to get the eyes to "pop" like that?