December 29, 2012

Craft Room Redo

Let me start at the beginning.

5 years ago bought a house THE HOUSE IS HUGE
4 years ago my parents divorced. With that came a lot of STUFF. Everyone needed a clean slate so all of my old stuff ended up in the basement. It was filled to the ceiling.

Taking out the old desks. . . they actually carpeted AROUND them!
3 years ago started to clean out. I was totally overwhelmed. It was like stepping into an episode of hoarders. So I called my Aunt and day by day she helped me sort and throw things out. 

All of my hard work has paid off! I cleaned out the basement and a carpet guy is coming to take out the smelly 1963 carpet and install a new one so I can have a craft room. There is a little room attached which I've already organized to store my files for school and my extra supplies (art teachers have a lot of stuff!) But, it's all organized and ready to be used. 

Here is what it looks like all cleaned out! The big reveal will be Monday on my cute craft space (I even worked this summer painting some shabby chic storage.) 

When we pulled out the desk there were some interesting typed letters from the son of the former owner.
He was stationed and ready to be deployed.
He talks about how great our city was and how he would joke with his bunk mates about how NYC and Boston were trashy compared with our city! Whew if he could see what happened to this great place after the war. A lot of the manufacturing business left and it's in disrepair; to put it nicely, it's the ghetto.
I'm going to try to find someone related to the former homeowner to give these awesome letters to!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Your own work space!!! It will feel SO good to be able to go to "that place" and work, create and just "be". Enjoy!!!!
Cynthia S.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cynthia!

The carpet guy came today still no carpet. He's doing it with a remnant (and really inexpensive) he didn't have a remnant big enough in his truck. His guys weren't going out in the snow either so we have to wait. It's been like this for 5 + years so another few days won't hurt anything!

Still stupidly excited over having my own heated space away from dishes and laundry which never cease!

Mrs. P said...

Good for you getting a space of your own! Mamas need that! I'm in the process of creating my own studio space and have visions of grandure (even though the space is as big as some people's walk in closets!). One baby step at a time and you'll soon be creating-away! Good luck--can't wait to see the room! Mrs. P (