December 28, 2012

Easy Ways to Display Children's Art Work

 My two year old did her second paintings with me the other day.

We hung them on the curtains (after they were dry of course)

Check out how beautiful our Art Gallery turned out.

Waiting for her next masterpiece!

To make her work more permanent we framed a piece for the kitchen.
The canvas above is something she's been working on since she was one:)
We take it down every now and then (when we can't find a piece of paper) and she draws on it.

I know my house looks descent in these pictures but it's all an illusion! It will be back to disaster in a few weeks. Psss check out the mess through the window (tomorrow's project, I am in the process of creating an awesome craft room in my basement.)  I've been working EVERY DAY on organizing. During this school vacation, I find myself imagining what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. I do laundry, cook, match socks, and organize the fridge. I shake my head in disgust at the other mother who has trashed this house like it was a sorority. I know if I was a stay at home mom, I would immediately start to think of ways to have a stay at home business and then I'd be back to square one.  So pretending to be domestic for a week works just fine for me. I don't think I could keep up the act much longer anyways. 


Marcia Beckett said...

Really cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks Marica:) I saw you +1 this post? I have no idea waht that means. . . I wonder what this new technology is;)

Mrs. C said...

While my kids were growing up there were MANY times I wished I was one of the stay at home moms like others on my road. Sooner than later reality would set in and I would realize that I would in fact probably lose my mind if I didn't work outside the house! I look back on those years and yes, it was sooo hard sometimes( like when they both had the chicken pox one after the other one lost November,the years my husband worked in the city and I felt like a single parent because his hours were so crazy!)but we needed the income and the health insurance. I look back and I realize how important working was to my own sanity and I have no regrets. Hang in there! I'm jealous of your craft room! I am still crafting all over the house! :)

Unknown said...

This comment is kind of hilarious to me so I'll keep it up! Although I don't think you'll find any readers for your blog or wives here:) we are all independent educated teachers and mostly women... Not the right audience for your plan obviously or not so obviously to you:) good luck with that!