June 24, 2012

Blog Header Eviction Notice

Dear Old Blog Header,

You are being replaced, evicted, removed.

I'm telling you in advance so you have time to pack away your scissors and find a new home. A new pair of scissors coming to the blog (along with a paintbrush, marker, pencil, yarn and pom poms.)

You have until Friday.

-Art Project Girl

Blog Header,
If you are looking for someone to blame, this new header wasn't my idea,
it was his. . .  http://knowandtellcrafts.blogspot.com/

a. why I'm crazy and 
c. all of the above


Phyl said...

Can't wait to see the new header, and it's ok to be crazy (we all are) but what does this have to do with that other blog? I checked the link and the post was about how to make mustache necklaces. While I'm sure you would still look lovely in a mustache, I'm not sure how your school administration or photography clients would react. Hmmmm.

Unknown said...

Well it has nothing to do with MOUSTACHES! BUT, I'll tell you this much, the kid who runs that blog is pretty darn talented, like more talented then I've seen in a looooong while. . . I hired him to design my logos for both art project girl and stellabluephoto.com!

I remember being 16 and getting hired for a photo shoot. It was pretty cool. When I was 17 my teacher asked me to photograph his daughters wedding. . . which was totally overwhelming for me and I was right to say no. Those little experiences of getting hired stuck with me. Ty's work is better then most adults in the industry so I thought, why not hire him to do the logos I need!

You might remember. . . Mrs. Hahn has been talking a lot about him, I don't know if you remember he made portraits of teachers and friends?

I'm super excited about the results of the logos! I still can't get over how perfect and different both of them are and how well he captured the abstract ideas I put out there!

Katie Morris said...

I'll definitely check back! I'm excited to see the new look.

Mrs. C said...

Can't wait to see them! Went to his blog and thought"Oh my God! This kid is amazing!"