June 29, 2012


First, a HUGE thank you to my friend Mrs. Hahn for featuring Ty on her blog Mini Matisse. Mrs. Hahn, can I call you Nic?, is always looking to promote new, fun, innovative lessons, people, activities, whatever inspires! She's awesome, thus her blog follows suit. Thanks for sharing all of your inspirations as always.

Meet Ty. 

Did you noticed Art Project Girl looks a little different? If you didn't notice, it's probably because it was pretty non-descript before. My BLOG was like ME in 9th grade, head down, overloaded book bag,  trying to walk down the high school hallway unnoticed. All I could think was, don't look at me, I just need to get to art class. My blog design used to be a means to an end!

Speaking of 9th grade. . . I have to start by telling you this BLOG makeover was designed by a 9th grader (correct me if I'm wrong Ty.)  To me this is a small detail that is pretty important, not only because of his obvious talent, but also his work ethic. Can I tell you, this blog header took 2 days of back and forth e-mails and design changes? The first design was nearly perfect, but Ty wanted to make sure it was EXACTLY what I had in mind. I forgot to tell him I had nothing in mind, just wanted something extremely awesome which is what this is . . .  EXTREMELY AWESOME!

So BEFORE unveiling the new look I'd like to remind you of. . .

the old Art Project Girl.

Be sure to not only check out his blog Know and Tell Crafts, but follow it too!

I like to call this portion of the blog post


Do you crochet? Next question, Who taught you how to crochet?

Yes I crochet. I guess it could be weird that a teenage boy crochets. Although now I'm a bit out of practice. I know the basics and I mostly make hats. I mostly learned how to crochet with a lot of trial and error. I learned what I know now through practice, and YouTube. So I guess I can thank the internet for teaching me how to crochet :).

If your favorite sneakers could talk, where would they tell us they've been?

My favorite sneakers are my converse, which I have convinced my parents are sort of "dressed up" so they have been all the places I consider important. For example, I'm wearing them to a wedding next week!

If you could give your best piece of advice to art teachers what would it be?

Its funny because I don't know if you know this, but I don't have art at my school. I think that not having art at school has let me explore a lot more by myself. I would give the same advice to art teachers... usually in art class (when I had it in elementary) I would find myself thinking," why am I painting a tree" when I would really want to paint something else. It's really great because all the art teachers on the art ed. blogs are so amazing! I find myself going to their blogs just to see how lucky those kids are!

When did you first know you were an artist? 

It's hard to define artist for me. I think I have always been creative and have always been thinking of something new to make or do. I feel like when I started to show my work on Instagram and through my blog is when I truly felt like I was making things that were worthwhile.

Are you interested in doing design work as a part time job? Or is it just for yourself?

I would love to do design as a full-time job. And as a whole career if I could. If I can find a job where I'm doing something that I just absolutely love, then I would be the happiest. I also feel like I need the sense of accomplishment that designing for a client gives me.

(IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANOTHER SUMMER GIG, MY MOTHER IS BEGGING ME TO ASK YOU TO CONTACT HER ABOUT HER LOGO, SHE IS A REALTOR, JUST GOT HER INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE LICENSE SO SHE WANTS TO SELL AROUND THE GLOBE and LOCALLY. She's just a cool person in general, loves the arts though claims she has no talent. . . if you are doing more work this summer can she be on the short list?)

Haha that sounds great! I'll definitely make one for her as soon as I have the time.

Draw a picture of  YOU 10 years from now. . . (are you in art school (that's my hope!), are you pursuing a career instead, are you just chillin.)

(SEE ABOVE SELF PORTRAIT!) Haha! I'll be 23... my crappy drawing is attached! :) I really want to live some place near a coastline and near the forest/woods. It would be nice to find a nice university that's close to some small towns but also some good big cities. I guess I just want it all :).

Did you ever think you were going to finish this blog header with all my crazy requests?

Haha! I definitely had "my" vision that I would've picked at first, but all your requests ultimately made it way more awesome for sure and it wouldn't be very good at all if you didn't like it! :)

If you were an art teacher, what would be your favorite lesson ever to teach?

If  I was an art teacher, I feel like I would like to teach a lesson on something I don't know about. I think that learning together would be more fun and altogether a better experience than the alternative. I'd say maybe something unusual like bending neon or something!

What are your top 3 favorite blogs and you can't say Art Project Girl;)?

I love The Dainty Squid (daintysquid.blogspot.com) because of her cats, style, and fun lifestyle. (plus she lives just north of me) I also love The First Lime (http://www.thefirstlime.com/) because not only is she another young blogger, but she has great photos, and some amazingly inventive and fun to make projects! Thirdly, I have to say The Metric Child (http://themetricchild.blogspot.com/) because (like all of these) the people are just genuinely nice, and I have sort of followed Metric Child from the beginning. I've seen the header change 4-5 times and the overall style go all over the place. I liked each version but it seems Alliane has found a good style and has just a great blog. I had to eliminate a whole bunch of my favorite blogs but can I give a shout out to Hey Zombot! And Sunshine Over the Mountains? They are both great blogs, and I of course love Art Project girl!

So scissors, marker, paintbrush and yarn, 



momma said...

who is this TY guy? Can he come to see me. I want to be friends w him? Does he need another mother? do you artists have art-dar (radar)
birds of a feather.... all that talent packed into one brain? WOW!

Unknown said...

Mommala. . . you are everyone's Connecticut mother, whether they know it or not. I just met Ty through his awesome designs and was amazed that a 13 year old was doing all this. Now I secretly (or not so secretly) want to teach High School art, but only if it involves a lot of photography/video courses.

Ty said...

Haha yeah I'm going in to 8th grade at my junior high but this looks so great! :D

Phyl said...

Love it - it looks FABULOUS! So glad you've turned me on to this sweet boy's blog too. What a great kid!

Shannah said...

Very cool kiddo:)
LOVE your new look!!!

Mary said...

Ty - you Rock! Love hearing your comments about art education. Love the new header for Art Project Girl!

Mrs. Belzer said...

Love the new look! Noticed it right away! Thanks so much for introducing us to Ty- what a great kid! I have those moments where I really want to teach high school too... it's fun to think about for a future challenge.