November 5, 2011


Never heard of October break? We hadn't either, until a storm brought 6 inches of snow to our city in October. We were home in our dark, cold houses for the entire week!

My Street after the storm.
CANCEL Halloween.
The leaves got so heavy many branches broke under the pressure and brought down power lines with them.  Which makes me think, what would I have done under the pressure? I really didn't know how much I needed this "break" until I got it! We didn't have power for FOUR days and internet and T.V. for SIX. I spent most of my days hand washing baby bottles, doing laundry at my mom's house, eating out or struggling to cook, going to the library and coffee shop with Stella and PLAYING! My happy-go-lucky daughter who used to willingly go with anyone, now reaches for ME! Which makes me secretly happy inside every time she does it.

I even got to see her FIRST wave!

So that's what I got to do this week. Then the power came back on. . . I kind of liked my old fashioned life. . . back to 2011 working mom on MONDAY! I do appreciate my modern furnace and light switches though. More posts to follow about school.

Here are some highlights from the week.

The snow melted after a few days at our dog park.

We shook it off!

Bundled up!

And back to business as usual!

Except now Stella is a mommy's girl!

And I am a girl's mommy!


Christie - Fine Lines said...

No Halloween!*&!!!! How did the kids react???
I love that you captured that first wave on video. So precious!!

Phyl said...

Wow. Those snow pics are amazing. OCTOBER?!!!! My bro in NH has a generator so they were good, but lost some trees.

Meanwhile - just noticed I had a LOT of stuff in my spam folder, and discovered yahoo had sent a ton of blogger comments to spam instead of my inbox, so I didn't realize people were commenting on my posts. As a matter of fact, I just found your comment on my Alex Beard post that I had missed completely. The peacock paintings I wrote about are - uh - a little strange. But the kids like them. Next art class, we're going to fix 'em up w/some oil pastels and add some "bling" (maybe sequins?) and hopefully they'll look, umm, like something, maybe even a peacock.

Sweet wave from Stella, glad you survived being without power/tv/internet - it must have been a real challenge!

Unknown said...

@Fine Lines No Halloween! I don't know how the kids took it! I will find out I'm sure. I saw a lot of kids dressed up walking around the mall though, very cute! It's awesome to have the iPhone so I can catch stuff like that!

@Phyl I know what you mean because your comments end up in my SPAM. I don't know how to change it! I love that your peacock's are admitedly strange. We made some Indian Corn Texture paintings that are admitedly strange. I don't use tracers so the shape of the corn is a little funny;)

Sequins are inexpensive with a 50% coupon I have to pick some up myself for Dia De Los Muertos Skull masks we made.

Snow is finally almost melted off the lawn and branches/trees pulled to the road. Phew. . . ceiling is leaking but on my teachers budget I think I can afford a few plastic buckets!