October 26, 2011

Supplies and Classroom Management

I finally finished labeling my supply zone! I had most of the labels then our printer ran out of ink. A friend came to my rescue and shared his printer with me. Of course I have been going overboard with my new laminator so I had to laminate the signs. Before I tell you about my pocket protectors and secret crush I have on a certain smart board; here it is!

Pictures are hanging above where the supplies go.
A Preschool teacher taught me this.
You photograph how you want the supplies to look and put the picture where you want them to go.
The kids will usually put things back like the picture if you make a big enough deal about it.


Anna Pietrolungo, Essendon North Primary School said...

Very clever..

Mrs. Hahn said...

You are soooo much more neat and tidy… I'm really bad at this part. ORGANIZATION!!! Thanks for sharing your skills and ideas!

Unknown said...

The funny think is my dad always called me SLOB. . . I really am a complete slob at heart, I would be happiest if someone walked behind me and picked up after me. Unfortunately I am usually the person walking behind everyone else! I will do anything for the lovely people in my life to give me a little help! I have a lot of special ed students and many who are not identified as special ed but need lots of extra cues. . . lots. So this worked beautifully today! I'll let you know if it works for the long haul:)

Betsy Weigle said...

I love a laminater, too! And labeling. When I bring my label maker to school, the kids almost think it is neater than using a computer. They go crazy with labeling things if I let them.

Hm...labeling things...wonder if that says anything deeper about human tendencies?

Betsy Weigle

Miss said...

I'm a fanatic with labelling and laminating and organizing! Love this idea of a photo showing HOW the supplies should look. Also helpful for EAL students. Time to re-organize! Yay! hahaha