November 13, 2011


Dear Blog,

As cliche as it is, it's not you it's me. My time is not my own anymore. In the few minutes left at the end of the week that I should be spending with you I've been spending it somewhere else. It gets worse. I've been spending my time with a few other places besides you. First, artsonia. Artsonia is completely unfulfilling as I can't seem to get students to write their names clearly and get totally frustrated trying to figure it out. Then there's my new website which I've been trying to build. Within two years, I plan to move on from my camera too and work with a few new lenses. So until you are my sugar daddy, blog, I need to find ways to support this dream. Let us not forget, Mr. Masters Program, a sensible way to spend my time, but sensible isn't always fun. Then there's Stella who is my little buddy, even coming on photo shoots with me. Amazing I know.

So there you have it blog. I promise to be upDating you soon. Promise.



Katie Morris said...

I'm there, too! I'm not in a Master's course this semester but I'm starting another in January. And yes, lots of time on Artsonia! I had a parent ask why they weren't getting as many email notifications from Artsonia this year and I just pointed to my massive piles of artwork waiting to be photographed. As far as names go, I almost always write them on the front because it's so much easier for me to read my writing (and if the students actually do write their names, it's usually giant or microscopic) or sometimes just put their artwork right under their name on the Artsonia roster I printed off.

MJ said...

I haven't been blogging much, either! And Artsonia is part of the reason for me as well! Ha! Your photography site looks beautiful so far! If I didn't live in MN I'd totally take advantage of your portfolio sessions - how AWESOME! Good luck! (although based on those gorgeous photos I don't think you need any luck!).

Masters Education Online said...
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