October 25, 2011


This is my take on an idea from Art Projects for Kids thanks Kathy!

Part of my POWERPOINT game board.
 I made a powerpoint with vocabulary to identify all types of emotions and we acted them out. This was a hit. I can't show you the pics of the kids making all the expressions for student safety but it was pretty funny. Finally, we looked at Edvard Munch's  The Scream and used some new vocabulary to describe how he might be feeling. FRUSTRATED, UPSET, ANGRY, SCARED, FRIGHTENED were all words they used to describe how he might feel. The kids were quick to come up with all different reasons the screamer might be screaming, most based on the painting, but there are little details in the painting  (there might be sharks in the water, the bridge might be broken, there might be a storm and he's stuck on the bridge were all things the students thought.) 

We talked about what would make us want to SCREAM and students made their best scream expression.

Next we painted backgrounds using warm and cool colors. The details were made with oil pastels. . . they could choose to stand on a bridge or an island or boat or anything else you could find in the water.

I wish I could show the results up close but they all have pics of the students in them as part of the art work. I think this pic is far enough back so no faces can be made out but you can get the idea.

I love how some students drew lake monsters, bats, lightning, sharks, tornadoes, spiders and black clouds to make their paintings show what would make them scream.

Some students did a creative writing piece about what makes them want to scream.


Phyl said...

Wow, this artwork looks fabulous! Great lesson!! The colors are so rich and vibrant - it's tempera, right? What brand?

Did you photograph and print up a picture for each kid?

One last question: what grade level did this beautiful work?

Katie Morris said...

I've been trying to incorporate more writing but I haven't displayed any in the hall yet (just on Artsonia.) I really need to hang it out there!

Ruth Lee said...

What a great way to get kids emotionally involved in the artwork! Love how the colors came out too.

Unknown said...

Phyl: It's sax versa tempera except dick blick yellow tempera. I like the quality I'm getting out of my paints this year with the research you all helped me with. I didn't have hardly a budget so I wasn't able to get the prang. . . that would make my life complete! The prang has some great colors too. I photographed and printed the pictures. GRADE 3 I should've written that. It was really simple when I broke it down into bite size pieces. A part about emotions. . . a part about warm and cool colors. . . a part about looking at The Scream. . . etc. It took 3 hour classes.
Katie: YES! If you are writing with kids power to you. You should display it will really give everyone another way to engage. So often people just walk by when I don't put up writing or pictures of the kids making the work.
Ruth Thanks! I always think of RISD when I see your blog and am longing to take my time machine back. But I would miss Stella too much. I love my grad classes though I picked teachers that reminded me of RISD. Nothing like freshman foundations though. Could all the art teachers in the world take a year off and do freshman foundations?