October 24, 2011

Art Class of the Month

Art class of the month display of their special free painting day!

Peacock feathers in a vase are a very popular inspiration.
Here is the display I made of ART CLASS OF THE MONTH'S extra art creations. They all choose something from my crazy "stuff" table. I collect lots of crazy stuff and put it on this table for our still lifes. They drew and then painted all in one hour of extra art!

There is something so beautiful about these. I would frame each and every one if I were their parents!

Starfish is always popular. The ocean around it shows so much movement, intended or not!

She wanted to paint a Jack-O-Lantarn!
She looked at the pumpkin and imagined the rest.

Interpretation of our miniature kimono


Mary said...

These are wonderful Erica! Sometimes kids do the best work with the least amount of instruction. I love the watercolor against the black ink. I'm going to have to get a table of "stuff" for early finishers now. Thanks!

Phyl said...

They're all great, but that last piece - wow. I wonder if the child has any realization just how special it is! I'd frame and hang it on my living room wall.

Unknown said...

If you could only see these in person! They are even more magical. The black ink is only sharpie. My table is becoming a distraction with some of my autistic kids so I might have to pack it up.

Phyl that last piece gives me the chills. It is a little other worldly I don't know how to explain it. If you could see it in person the colors make the kimono float on the paper. He got the yellow from the bottom of my sink. I was in shock when I saw him bring his brush to the sink and someone had dumped some yellow paint. . ."can I use this?" Ummm okay I said. . . as a teacher you see a few incredible pieces and fewer incredible kids this is one of them. I can remember incredible pieces so vividly it's like I could pick them out of my memory!

Lee Darter said...

Art Class of the month...that is awesome!