October 10, 2011

A Post About Wanna Be Posts

Here are some snapshots of wanna be posts. I take a lot of pictures in plans for posts. . . but until I write those posts here's what we've been working on. If any of this interests you let me know so I can be inspired to form a proper "lesson" post.

Kinders practiced apple prints after visiting the orchards.
We will be reviewing what a print is and making our own apple prints.
Don't you love the finger in the way! Classic.
Wacky Weaving which I got from another blog.
I think some of my kids took the wacky part a little too seriously.
I can show you all the results in a future post. 
Painted our action figures with a color family.
Again I think I loosened the reigns a lot on this one.
Some came out fab others overworked.
I made copies of the black and white originals so they could
experiment without worry.

I got a laminator for $16.99 on Slick Deals!
I'm in the process of laminating pictures of my supplies and how
I would like them to look on the shelf.
A little kooky I know! I'll let you know if this help the kids
put things back the "right" way, by "right" I mean MY WAY:)

Stella and I shopping for prizes for my prize box.
She fell asleep by the time we got to the checkout line on my purse.
I want to do a post about NO COST rewards (as I am always looking for
free ways to say you're appreciated.) But my prize box is quite popular.

I want to do a post about about the new books I've gotten through
blogger recommendations and just things I've found.
I've ordered about 5 so far. I can't say no to a good book.
Especially when I'll be able to add them to Stella's Library.

Our Native American CLAY UNIT!
First graders are first getting to know their clay using their 5 senses.
See how they are LISTENING to their clay. SO CUTE.
Most said it sounded like the inside of a shell.
Totally love this idea from Mrs. Hahn at Mini Matisse.
Check out her cool worksheet here.
Hope you enjoyed my wanna be posts. They enjoyed seeing the light of day!


Phyl said...

LOVE the photo of Stella sleeping in the shopping cart! Too cute!!!

I'd like to see more of your apple prints projects. I always have great printmaking plans and then don't follow through. What kind of paint or ink did you use? I get so frustrated with printing ink and the fact that it never seems to dry all the way. I get frustrated when they all start sticking together.

Unknown said...

I also don't like printmaking! I don't even like silk screening when I tried it. The butterfly lesson is as close as I get to a monoprint. I do this other thing where they stomp their shoe of a piece of paper (the dirt makes a print) then they use it as a jumping point for a design (tracing over their shoe print with sharpie then adding design) I got that idea from my GREAT mentor. I used some nice tempera sax versa and dick blick student grade tempera for the yellow (we all know how bad the sax tempera is!) Hope this helps. Also you have to make a really nice cut for it to work (I found this out from a Kindergarten teacher!)

Unknown said...

If I find a good printmaking lesson for a more in depth project I'll share (I WANT SUCCESS IN PRINTMAKING besides the apples and butterflies!)

Phyl said...

You don't like Sax tempera? I actually like the consistency and coverage of the Sax Versatemp. Just like some other brands better for blue/turquoise/green color tones.

Unknown said...

Maybe it was mine! It came separated and jelly like. I think sometimes I get OLD paint. The color was knd of greyish yellow too. My blue this year from sax was beautiful but goey jelly like in years past too.

Unknown said...

I have A LOT of wanna be posts. Thanks so much for your kind words and prayers for my Ryan. He's doing really good. Another wanna be post...We have a couple more rounds of chemo at this point and then we'll have to see where we're at. I made the mistake of thinking we'd be done in the timeframe the drs originally gave us. Unfortunately cancer has a mind of it's own. It is responding though, so that's the good part.
Does the little boy you mentioned also have Hodgkins? It's super rare for kids as young as Ryan to get it.
Stella is gorgeous. Growing too quickly. My baby is almost two already!! Not fair is it?

Unknown said...

Totally not fair! They grow way too fast! Stella cut her first tooth today! It is amazing to see the little tiny spot where her tooth is coming in. She is also doing clapping which is totally amazing.

I don't think he has Hodgkins. It started in his bones. Like all kids, his drive to be back with his friends and play really helps him.

I'm so glad to hear your Ryan is doing good! Hope he is up to seeing friends too. I will always be keeping Ryan in my prayers and his mom too;) ;)