October 9, 2011

Sunday Coffee Talk: Columbus Day

Columbus Day?

I know with our new curriculum rolling out first graders are learning about Native Americans through text and writing. Then comes Columbus and his Day! Smack dab in the middle of our Native American Units. . . now there's an inconvenient truth.  I'm just saying. . .

I think we all agree that we will NOT be going into work, even if we vehemently disagree with the sentiment of Columbus Day.

What are your Columbus Day plans? (Sorry this isn't a deeper conversation on imperialism.) 


Our columbus day LEAF LOOKING PLANS. Stella's practicing her "leaf peeper" eyes. 
Here's a picture of Stella in the new car seat I installed today. We will be traveling, somewhere beautiful and taking our camera along. The leaves have started changing in the Northwest corner of Connecticut and I plan on being a crazy "leaf peeper" that I used to make fun of when I lived there. 

How could I not share this one?


Phyl said...

Well gee, what am I doing tomorrow? Well, to start with, for the past 2 days I've been at our cabin on a little lake, basking in the hot sunshine (who ever heard of it being 80 degrees in the Adirondacks in OCTOBER?!!), reading a good book from the vantage of the dock, looking at autumn leaves from the perspective of my kayak, and listing to Saturday night public radio programming. But we came home tonight (the cat was getting lonely and hungry)so tomorrow it's laundry, housework, and possibly, hopefully, long-awaited a ride on Saratoga Lake in an amphicar!!

Have a great time leaf-peeping; best time of the year! Stella gets cuter every day - love that chin and those cheeks!

Mrs. Art Teacher said...

I'll be working...we don't get the day off around here. :(

Unknown said...

Sounds awesome! You need 3 days to go away so you can come home and get a few things done the last day. AMPHICAR? I'm going to have to google that. Sounds cool. Thanks. She's so cute I can't point my rear view mirror at her or I'll get in an accident looking at her! She's that cute:)

Mrs. Art Teacher WOW! That is kinda cool. You guys are more progressive than us!

Kristin said...

we don't get columbus day off here in the middle east...:) BUT my husband and daughter are going to Sri Lanka for a few weeks (he's from there and his family is pretty psyched)so I'll have lots of time to chill...and make some art..and hang out with some friends here on our compound who don't have young kids and 8 pm bedtimes. ;) i think there may be some homemade wine and dancing involved. have fun and enjoy FALL! stella is beautiful.

Phyl-- amphicar sounds very Chitty Bang Bang!

Unknown said...

Homemade wine and dancing! I'm in! Your life sounds so adventurous! Love your BLOG.

Phyl said...

Just posted Amphicar photos! Check it out!

Lydia said...

Lol, I love how Columbus Day while you were in the middle of a Native American unit! I didn't what to go too into detail with my kindergarden daughter, but she did want to know what the day was about. We skimmed over a little history and made egg carton ships to go on an old world map. (Love your blog by the way.)

Ashley said...

She's so adorable!
P.s. Agree about the watching the babe in the rear view constantly. Turned my guy around about two months ago and am loving it!!!

Unknown said...

Ashley: It's impossible to drive now!

I saw this thing in babies r us that attached to your rearview mirror so you didn't have to keep changing the angle. I didn't get it but I'm going back for it! I don't want to get us in an accident because I'm just staring at her. It's hard though right?