December 8, 2010

We're a Work in Progress.

Every class has a project in progress. Here's a sneak peak of what's going on in my art room. Check back there's more to come. This is a very small selection of what's going on in the art room. Hoping to post more pictures tomorrow! It helps me feel less overwhelmed to share.

Clay projects are drying. . . many clay projects!

Rain sticks are being filled with beans and tinfoil coils. 

Pipe cleaners are drying in plaster bases.
Kindergarteners are bending them into lines and adding shapes to make sculptures. 

Rocks animals are ready to get their legs, eyes and details.
One class decided they wanted to make rock animals after reading The Indian Paintbrush.
The boy in the story paints rocks. I humored them and we are making rock animals. 


LT said...

I LOVE the pipe cleaner line sculptures! I have got to give those a try. Have you seen those Twist-eez wires? Those were great for making lines and I have been contemplating a line/wire sculpture with a base for a while. Just floating in my thoughts!

Regarding the cityscapes, we actually did those from direct observation outside the school! We are very fortunate to be in the center of an amazing urban area around the Galleria in Houston with lots of buildings of various sizes. Would you like some photos from the area? I would be glad to share some!

Kristyn DeMint said...

I like what I see...I can't wait to see the final products!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh if you liked those drying pipe cleaner things. . . you are going to love the final sculptures. I got color foam at the dollar store and we cut it into shapes and it poked through the lines. It looked like a Dr. Seuss creation, so whimsical. I have some finished one's I'll photograph tomorrow.

ALL the kindergarteners loved making their first sculptures. It's rare to find a project that works for every level.

Unknown said...

I thought about the twisteez too! They were expensive though and without the pipe cleaner "fur" they would probably pull out of the plaster. You might make a loop on the bottom before you put it in the plaster to make it grip?

I have to visit Houston it is beautiful! I thought maybe you drew up some handouts. I'm in the process of drawing a variety of doors, windows, house shapes, and details for a packet that the kids can get inspired from to draw a dream house. It is taking a while though. I'll share when I do complete. Might not be until after my maternity leave in the spring till I get to the project. My kids need tons of visual aids to come up with any good products because their visual vocabulary and experiences are very limited. Love your warm and cool cityscapes (readers check this out if you haven't seen it)

Anonymous said...

I really like the pipe cleaner project! How did you do this from start to finish? Love your blog :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, first of all next time I will have the kids stick the pipecleaners in a salt dough base. The plaster was tricky to time. You know how fast that stuff dries? First we discussed all types of lines, you can use a print for this or the book ART works well. Then the students recalled different types of lines from the story and I showed them how you can bend, twist, and curl the pipe cleaner to make the lines they came up with. Then they got to experiment on their own for 10 minutes with the pipe cleaners. Next class they got their pipe cleaners and a paper cup with straight pipe cleaners sticking out and they had to transform them to squiggle zig zag curly etc. Finally we added foam shapes to the end of their lines. They were cool wish I had taken pics.