December 9, 2010

We're a Work in Progress 2

I posted a collaborative clay project that we made a few years back. Thanks for all the great comments. It inspired me to try a collaborative clay project with my high level 5th graders. Each group choose a painting (I let them choose from paintings that we will study in their elementary careers) and they had to reconstruct it using clay in a low relief. They are ready to be fired. . . I've been putting it off though because those shelves are hard to load in 7 months pregnant! They will be fabulous!

Check out a few of them.

Monet's Bridge and Waterlily Clay Study

The Mona Lisa Clay Study

Matisse's Goldfish Clay Study
Every class has been doing a clay project. These are created by making slabs (for the side and the bottom) and joining them using slip and score.  Many students wanted to add a handle and texture.

Slab Construction Mugs 

Now how to get these in the kiln 7 months pregnant?

More we're a work in progress to come and hopefully some final products soon!


Phyl said...

Those clay paintings are pretty cool. What is the backing? I'm assuming it is all clay, so they are fired in one piece, but in the photos it looks like a different color.

You've changed your blog! New photo on the top, and such a pretty peppermint green on the sides.

Anne Farrell said...

I love the Matisse study! Can't wait to see it finished.

Unknown said...

The backing is wood (but it won't go in the kiln of course!) They aren't all clay. I actually glue them to the board and them spread plaster in the empty spots. The kids paint the piece and seal it.

Yes I've changed the color I love too! I love blues and greens. Our bathroom is a tiffany box blue and we have white vintage cabinets with restoration hardware glass pulls. They look like pieces of jewelry on the cabinets. Kind of makes up for my ring that got stolen being able to be inside a Tiffany's box! I'll have to post pics of it. I'm obsessed with the green blue color!

Unknown said...

The Matisse study is really awesome! I can't wait till it's finished too!