December 9, 2010

Learning to Look: Poinsettia Studies

I am posting this project because it was successful with my most challenging class of the week. You know the one that you spend half your time planning for and all the time thinking about.  I was especially proud of myself to be able to use such a variety of materials in this class. Every child felt successful and I was proud to hang their art work in the hall. I have to bask in the glory of this wonderful day!

Poinsettia Study Display

The first week we observed and drew poinsettias.

This week we cut the shapes we saw out of red paper and added the details we saw in green. 

Students mixed yellow and blue to make their own green paint.

I see a star in there. A little imagination with observation. 

Love the detail in the center of these poinsettias!

How did it go so smoothly? It's all in the timing.
First I had rectangles of paper precut that were more manageable for them to handle. I used disposable Q-TIPS for painting and easy clean up. Every child had to clean up their space completely and safely to earn their paint. This helped the rest of clean up go a lot smoother. I took paint away before students were completely finished (I know this is not standard practice) so that fingers didn't end up in paint (as is the usual).  Finally, students who finished early (the usual suspects) sat with me on the carpet and I demonstrated how to draw sponge bob on my giant easel. This kept the troops entertained and gave other students a chance to work carefully and quietly on their painting. Only problem now is everyone is drawing spongebob in their classroom! Next week they want to learn Patrick ugh! Wish observational drawing was as high interest as cartoons!

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