December 13, 2010


Heard in the art room. . .

"Like your belly."
"Did your baby come out yet?"
"Are you worried there might be two in there."
"You're getting hefty!" hmmmmmmmm
"You look like Mrs. Claus."
"Hi Stella!" usually said while rubbing my tummy as they walk in the door.  I feel like a Buddha Statue getting 30+ Belly Rubs a day

"I like your necklace" Phew one comment that is not about my size!


Holly B. said...

Kids are so funny!

Barbara's Thought of the Day said...

That's so cute. Hope the baby is picking up on the good vibes coming her way.

Unknown said...

Did I read on your blog that you are pregnant or was that another blogger?

Barbara, she definitely kicks like crazy when I read a story to the class. I think she like the way I act it out and the attention! It's cute!