December 11, 2010

Remember When We Made the Nutcrackers?

In third grade for the past few years, I've done this Nutcracker Project. 

It is a project that the kids remember. . .
When we were talking about symmetry a 5th grader said "like when we did that Nutcracker project?" When I read their notebook responses to
"What was your all-time favorite art project?" many kids wrote "The Nutcracker!" years later.

Did they forget how I faithfully load and unload the kiln? Come in early to set up painting and pottery projects? Or stay up half the night fixing a computer glitch so they can edit a movie they made? Well, I guess they never see what goes on behind the scenes and sometimes simple is better.

Watch us work!
Some classes painted and some classes colored their Nutcrakers.

So this is a favorite project of both mine and theirs. It's easy clean up, everyone is creative and successful, and they are proud of their results!

My examples on the board.
What we're working on this year.


Mary said...

I love all the details they added. You can really tell they had fun with this. I may be following your lead with this project - I'd better hurry! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary! Yes they will love it. . . They especially love all the detailed examples I made. I think that helped get them inspired.

Anonymous said...


I did these today with 2nd grade and they were a big hit! This year all of the 2nd grade students have the chance to see The Nutcracker performed by a local drama group. It's quite a ta-do! I thought this lesson seemed like the perfect warm up before the big field trip.

Thanks for sharing this!


Unknown said...

Heidi I'm so glad they were a hit. Today my 5th graders earned their "Goal" on their points chart. I asked them what they think they wanted to earn. They said they wanted time to make another Nutcracker like they did in 3rd grade! It's a crazy fad like silly bandz or something. They're obsessed!

Working 4 the Classroom said...

Do you have the directions for this project posted??