December 22, 2010

Crazy Quilts

Here's one of the quilt projects we are working on in first grade. We made crazy quilts out of recycled wall paper books. We learned how crazy quilts were made to recycle fabrics. I was surprised that many of my students had no idea what a quilt was in the first place! The bilingual classes keep on referring to the quilt as a "rug" and I have to keep correcting them. Adorable, but we need a few more lessons in textiles before we move on I think!

Students choose a color scheme for their crazy quilt square and tried to fit the precut pieces together as tightly as they could (like a puzzle). They colored the remaining space with their color scheme. We also added some "stitches" using both marker and yarn (along the outside edge).

A section of the first grade Crazy Quilt.


Phyl said...

I love the rich colors and the "stitches". The kids did a great job on these!

Kat said...

Love this!

kszwahl said...

I will have to remember to try this with my wall paper scraps!
Love it. Best wishes