December 23, 2010


This kids "quote" comes from my freshest kids and 
. . . adults seem to have gotten in on the fun. 

"It looks like you're gonna pop!"

"Let's juice her!"
One of the only pics of me. My husband begged to take a pregnant pic.

I have two months to go!!! I'm so proud of myself for still painting, collaging, sculpting and continuing all the lessons I would usually do with the kids, no excuses. If you're like me and worried about being pregnant and working I can only tell you my experience; it's the best situation. Working gives me something to focus on besides my ballooning body. . . except for the constant comments. The people I work with have been really supportive, with advice, gifts of food and baby stuff, and my favorite. . . giving their students "the talk" before coming to art. . . "you'd better behave. . . " 

There are some perks to being pregnant. 

I won't miss the body comments though! 


Kat said...

You look really, really happy. Let your husband take more photos :)

Phyl said...

You look terrific! When I was pregnant (22 years ago!) I worked until Christmas break started, 2 weeks before my son's birth. Those 2 weeks were SO long, without work to keep me busy and my mind off what was coming. So keep enjoying school and the kids. How long a leave are you planning to take after baby arrives?

Unknown said...

Thanks Kat and Phyl! I will try to let him take a few more pics. Phyl I'm planning on working up until my due date. . . but as my mom says we make plans and god laughs. We'll see what happens but I'm planning on taking 8 weeks. I want to go back for the end of the year because I love my job and frankly I'm always worried that I might not get to do it next year (if we have another budget crisis)! Crazy I know but I really do appreciate being the art teacher most days like i know you do!

taramarie88 said...

You look super cute, only pregnant in the belly..not the face. I was so swollen I could only fit my fat little boat feet into flip flops! Congrats again!