December 24, 2010

Wishing You Peace This Holiday!

Whether you've been naughty or nice. . . 
This was the picture that ended up on our holiday cards this year.
Wishing you and yours a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Here are the outtakes from our Christmas photo shoot. Actually, the only pictures I have are outtakes. Kodiak decided it would be more fun to eat the props before I even set up the "set."

Enjoy your peace or chaos this holiday!

It got a little crazy once I brought out the bow.
Piece de resistance!
Kodi on the coffee table and mom taking
a picture instead of disciplining the crazy pup!

I had a vision of Kodi with a beautiful red bow on tilting his head.
This is as close as we got!

Puppy dog eyes.

Wild Eyes!

Erica and Kodiak


kszwahl said...

I love these pictures, don't call them out takes! What kind of dog is Kodi? He is adorable.

Unknown said...

Thanks! We don't know what kind of a dog he is. . . he was advertised as a Bernese Mountain dog but he's too little. He's from Kentucky, we found him on pet finder and he's SUPER smart. He loves learning tricks. Do you have a dog?

kristin thomas said...

Kodiak is ADORABLE!!! What a fun time, these little cuties are, huh?! :D

kristin thomas said...

We found tommy on petfinder too! so great to adopt some of these guys that need a home, rather than go through a breeder!