November 7, 2010

Easy Project You Can Do Tomorrow: The Dot

The Dot is a favorite among art teachers.

Here is a project we did using The Dot as inspiration.

1. Start by giving each students a paper with a circle drawn on it.
2. Brainstorm all things that you could make out of a circle. Pizza, baseball, moon, wheel, head, etc.
3. In crayon students transform their circle in to a picture.
4. OPTIONAL: Use bingo markers (got mine at the dollar store) to create more dots to complete picture.



Alien Spaceship

Alien Cyclops

Lion Head


Unknown said...

I think I might use this as a sub lesson! I'm always looking for sub lessons!

Phyl said...

My texture lesson worked great for the sub. Only materials: paper, unwrapped crayons, and some cut up pieces of textured wallpaper.

Hey, it doesn't seem like your blog-break lasted too long! How's the new dog?

Unknown said...

I posted on your blog. I am wondering what were the instructions you gave the sub to get such great results?

Phyl said...

Me again (I should be doing lesson plans but oh well it will get done). I left the full instructions for you (texture pics) in a comment on my blog.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hey......This is such a nice lesson. I posted a link to this lesson on my blog for sub plans: jan

Snippety Gibbet said...

Thanks for the correction on my blog. I have fixed it. = ) jan