November 7, 2010

Thankful Me

I know this is not a post about a lesson and I will get back to lessons, project and tips soon. But, Thanksgiving time always turns me into a pile of mush. I think about the year and all the things I am thankful for and this year I think of all the blessings in disguise.

A look back. . .

Stella, Nick and Me

This year has been the best year of my life. I am surprised to hear myself say that. After all that's happened, being Teacher of the Year, laid off months later, selling a house (because I thought I had no job), my Blue passing, baby Stella, and so much more I am thankful for it all. Before all of this happened, I felt like something was missing in my life, and now I know what it was, PERSPECTIVE.

I remember the first few years of teaching. . . staying at school till 8:00 most days (and sometimes later) as I learned from my miserable failures and wonderful successes. I also remember having nothing to talk about besides school. I was a woman obsessed!  A twelve year old's bad decision could send me into tears on my car ride home. I stopped creating art because I was totally consumed with creating that perfect lesson. I saw that movie with Michelle Pfieffer and I felt like I was living it without the cool soundtrack and army training.

This year has been different. I am different. I know my husband looks at me funny when I come home at 4:30 some days and wonders what has changed. I tell him, everything! I have been able to really focus myself, my lessons, and my life. My students are more independent this year, my lessons are more developmentally appropriate so I don't have to stay at school and prepare so much, and I feel like I am connecting with the kids more. I really believe that all this LIFE has made me a better. I don't know what I was so afraid of!

To top it off we have a found a new pal! I even shared our new addition with some of my students who loved him to pieces. This little guy gets me up in the morning before school now and I go to my classroom with happiness in my heart.

His name is Kodiak and Kody for short. He was a rescue from a high kill shelter in Kentucky. To think, this little mutt needs us as much as we need him. While he can't fix my heart that broke with Blue passing, he has helped melt it!

Welcome Kodiak 8 weeks old!

Who Is Prouder? Kodiak or Nick?

Kodiak's First Walk and our "First" Walk in a While


Christie - Fine Lines said...

It's lovely to read good news from someone. Thanks for sharing and an early Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Aw thanks! It is so great to have this network of art people to share with. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Anonymous said...

When you take a step back, you see the master plan that lays out perfectly! Life is about ups and downs, ride the waves of life! You go girl!

Kat said...

what a great uplifting post :)

Unknown said...

Thanks girls. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving too:)

Shar said...

Thanks for sharing a snippet of your life, and thank you too for the advice and feedback you gave me re the clay pots. I just wanted to post a link to show you how they turned out.

Unknown said...

They are so wonderful! Please if you are reading this go check them out!

Phyl said...

Great post, Erica! Your new pup is adorable and I love the smiles on both your and Nick's faces.

therese english perdue said...

Kodiak is AWESOME! He looks so sweet! It's so refreshing that you have such a positive spirit... thank you for sharing that! It really seems like everything is meant to be in your case! Isn't that such a magical feeling? It's also good to know that in a few years, I too, might be coming home a little earlier! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Therese! He is so cool. Everything is meant to be for sure in most everyone's case I find. Gotta stay in the light that what I tell myself:) It seems to work. You WILL be coming home earlier. You are an excellent teacher I can tell from your lessons and once you have a lot of lessons you will just have to add to them not invent a whole curriculum. Believe me it will get easier! Always working on making things more creative and easier myself.

Becca Ruth said...

I feel like I am in a rut right now. I'm in my 3rd year teaching and feel that I have no time for anything. I still live in an apartment, can't have pets, work late, no time for my personal art, just married (good thing). Your post has brightened my outlook. I love my job, but I can't wait for that year when I can finally say, "I got it!"

Unknown said...


I have always had this thing I call The Carbon Theory:

We are carbon based beings. One of the purest forms of carbon is a diamond. But when you first find a diamond in the ground, it is ugly, dirty and flawed. But, once you carve facets into it you wind up with various perspectives on the passing light and it becomes beautiful. I find it crazy that carbon based beings are the same. The more multi-faceted a person is, the more perspectives they have, the more beautiful the shine. I love to see your family shine and am glad you have this perspective after all that has happened this year. I would be willing to bet that next year will trump this year.

Thank you for the great article.

Best to you all,


Unknown said...

Jeremy, It didn't occur to me it was YOU! I told Nick about this awesome comment and had to show him. He was like it's Jeremy! DUH!

I will always think of the Carbon Theory!

I will carry it with me always. Beautiful idea. THANKS