October 19, 2009

Money Can't Buy Me Love

But it did buy me a new ceiling today!

The plaster ceilings in the bathroom were cracking and peeling. Which wasn't making my dream house very dreamy. So I scraped, sanded, painted KILZ, skim coated, but nothing stopped the peeling. This DYI'er knows when to call it quits and call a professional.

Today, while I was at work the ceiling was sheet rocked. Something got done in the house that I didn't have to do myself. Now that rocks!

Will be painting soon. Check back to see what wall color we choose.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! There are several projects I'd love to pass on to the professionals (basementahembasement) but not only am I a DIYer, so is the man of the house. (And he's a little more hardcore than I am about actually doing it ourselves). :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog!