October 18, 2009

I have fallen out of love with HGTV

I have fallen out of love with HGTV. The magic isn't there anymore. HOUSE HUNTERS is the worst show of all! Now, every time my door bell rings a chill goes through my spine. Don't get me started on INCOME PROPERTY! I am so tired of seeing someone getting their basement totally redone for $15,000. This is the real world people. So what now do I do for mind numbing entertainment? BLOGS.

I have been reading blogs for a few weeks and decided to start my own based on REAL LIFE projects. I am an artist and art teacher. I will be sharing with you lots of ideas for your home and art projects for your classroom or kitchen table.

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momma said...

This so cool I will follow you daily. This sounds so real, down to earth. I am w/ you; basements done for 15K where? How? yeah Right!