October 21, 2009

Very Cool Pumpkin Lesson

Cool Pumpkins!

Every once and a while I get tired of typical blue skies, suns in the corner, green grass and ORANGE pumpkin drawings. I decided to show my 5th graders how light can change the color of a landscape. With an old school projector to act as moonlight and some different color of acetate we set to work. Students exaggerated the colors they saw to create these very COOL pumpkin landscapes.

If you are an artist you probably know that cool colors are blue, purple and green (the colors of acetate that I used.) You also probably noticed the perspective that this talented student used to make her landscape. Perspective is a concept we already have been exploring.

Try this with your students. You will love the ooohs and ahhhhs you get when you magically change the color of the pumpkin using light!

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