February 10, 2015

Snow Painting: STEAM PROJECT

If you are looking for a STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and math) project for your PreK/Kindergarten artists, look no further then your window sill. Well, if you live in New England!

I am literally teaching in an igloo right now. My windows are completely blocked in by snow. So how do I make lemonade out of lemons? I decided we'd have to use all this snow in an art project with a dash of science. I got the snow directly from my window and put in on their trays which the kids thought was pretty cool. They built with the snow until everyone was "served" (or until they couldn't feel their fingers, whichever came first;) Then we added watercolors in the primary colors. We watched the colors literally melt together. Speaking of melting, we talked about the states of water from solid icy snow, to liquid water and next week to completely evaporated.

So, to make all my friends who aren't snowed in jealous, here is the project (I am totally joking here, if you are in New England I know you can feel my pain.) This one is for you NATALIE 

Kindergarten Creation

Kindergarten Creation

Kindergarteners Color Mixing

Pre-K's painting their SNOW with the Primary Colors

BONUS PROJECT: 1ST Grade Snow Angel Self Portraits (pretty self explanatory)


Mrs. Hahn said...

OH, oh, oh... That is perfect!! I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing all of it!!!

Phyl said...

I love the way you have made lemonade out of this winter's snow blitz. Great projects, both!

Unknown said...

Nic, I seem to remember you making some amazing ICE BLOCKS and building with them outside with your kids, pretty similar;) Just happens I didn't have to do any prep for this project except tons of shoveling.

Phyl, Hope you guys are surviving all this snow. The second project I got on pinterest and can't find a credit:( Bad blogger I am!

My two girls who got me started on blogging!!!!!!

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