November 28, 2014

A Healthy Turkey Treat and Little Editing

A note to you: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I've been writing on this blog a long time (sometimes more frequently then others) but I'm Thankful for all of your blogs and for being able to follow your adventures of family, teaching, making art and life. I enjoy getting to know so many of you a little better through Facebook and at art conferences and email. This has been a really cool outlet. Thanks for reading!

This Thanksgiving was pretty low-key and fabulous. My husband had his first holiday/day off in a long time! He's a chef. Wait. .  . there's more, then he gets the flu or maybe it's just a case of his body telling him to slow down. He works 60 hours a week minimum for the past (well his whole life) so once he has the chance to relax, he gets sick. None of you know how that is right;)?

I have been begging him to slow down. In fact, we are in the midst of some big life changes (I can feel it) to help us get back to basics. Basically, we just want to see each other more and spend more of our time doing creative/meaningful things.  Me and my husband have everything right now, we have each other, we have health, a wonderful little girl, wildly creative spirits and we want to enjoy those things. There is so much we do and have that just squelches our creativity and health. . . so like all good artists we are EDITING. Plus, I read somewhere that we have the right to pursue our happiness? So that's something I've been working on for the past couple years, it's hard to change old habits. But when I use the word EDITING I always have no problem with change (whether it's with my lessons or my house or relationships) I wonder if any other artists work this way! Are you doing any life EDITING for the new year? 

Here's a view of Thanksgiving morning at my house (my girl has a cold again, so look past the dried bogeys on her face and Elsa dress with pj's!)

One of the teachers at our school came down the hallway with a parade of these little turkeys held proudly by her class. I knew I just had to try it. So there was some crafting going on Thanksgiving morning! Check out these HEALTHY TURKEY TREATS

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