August 14, 2013

Changing Behavior: Love, Love, Love

Hope you've been reading here and here.

Now that you're all caught up. . . The third "need" we are going to talk about is the need to be loved.

This sounds a little deep at best and cheesy and worst, doesn't it? You have to hand it to yourself, you have the hardest job on planet earth. Besides teaching students art, a subject that makes us human, we have to teach kids how to be a good human. It's not easy and it's not cheesy.

We can change students' behavior by first changing our behavior towards ourselves. Kids do see how you treat yourself and it makes a difference. For example, if you go to work looking sloppy and unkept they will treat you different then if you look like you cared enough about yourself to look professional. Kids pick up on these things, especially middle schoolers! So instead of focusing on the students today we will focus on you, the teacher, mother, grandmother, caretaker, wife, husband, dad, partner, whoever you are in all of your roles!

What if you loved yourself enough to take better care of yourself this school year? What would that look like? When we start to love ourselves everybody else is going to reap the benefits, students included. For me, I'll show the love by always making and eating lunch, no matter how busy the days get.

What would can you do to show yourself a little more love this school year? 

Please share in the comments section, I want to know! I also want to check out your blog if you have one, so comment and I'll click right over:) 

Next post, I'll talk about two "tried and true" simple trick to show a student they are loved and cared about at school. Stay tuned.

Random summer picture. My Loves. 

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Katie Morris said...

I'm going to try to cut myself some slack and not worry if I can't do it "all".