April 21, 2013

Kindergarten Solutions Sneak Peak

Remember last post I talked about practice creating process. Every year in the spring, Kindergarteners create these awesome pattern snakes. Sometimes we cut them like a spiral and sometimes they are curvy snakes (depending on their cutting ability!) This year, before we created pattern snakes (which will be a different post) we practiced pattern for at least 1/2 hour!

First, we used a shaker instrument to make pattern with sound. This really got all kids engaged from the start. Then I talked about how in art pattern can be made with colors and shapes. We practiced by making patterns with pattern blocks. Then the students did independent practice with pattern blocks. The greatest things were . . . little mess, lots of learning, and when it came to making their patterns on their snakes they were experts (most of them!) Pattern worksheets and blocks will stay in my Kindergarten centers for kids who want to explore pattern more.

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Can I just give a shout out to how NEAT their table is!
All the pattern blocks are in the center for easy sharing.
Fabulous kids.

labeling using A's and B's

Sharing pattern blocks

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