April 9, 2013

Art Awards: The Golden Crayon

I've been slacking. . . I could care less about giving awards or getting them. . . BUT the students LOVE them. I have to get on the awards wagon! So , today I brainstormed with my little friend (my co-art teacher's son) on what I could do for an ART AWARD. 

Here's the crayon and my little friend.
This is the first kid's face to ever be on my blog!
His mom is a co-worker/friend:)
Here's what we came up with. . . A GIANT GOLDEN CRAYON.

Classes have been earning colored crayons based on their behavior every art class.

Here's the teacher version of my color chart
Silver: "HEAVEN, can I teach this class all day!"
Green: "My what lovely children you have."
Yellow: "It was fun now it's time to go to your class.""
Red: "Art? What art? We practiced appropriate behavior and now I have a ton of phone calls to make."

The class that has the most silvers wins the GOLDEN CRAYON'S company for a week in their classroom. They also get to personalize the crayon. Not sure what the classes will add but I think a cape, some eyes, even arms might be cool! I cannot wait to see how much gaudier this guy can get.

So there it is my crayon behavior chart (old crayon boxes and laminated cut out crayons) and my giant gold crayon award (passed on weekly and decorated by the best behaved classes.)

I hope this award is silly enough to catch on and *at best* create some school spirit *at worst* be the biggest golden crayon in the dumpster! 

Here's the daily crayon chart.
A crayon box for each class.


Mrs. Impey said...

Wow, I really like that classroom management idea! Very creative! It'll definitely be interesting to see what they do to the golden crayon!

Anonymous said...

I love that! It's very similar to what I do in my classroom! I have a dry erase chart of points that classes earn based on their good behavior in class. Whoever gets the most by the end of the week wins the "Golden Paintbrush" to hang in their classroom for the next week....they love it! I hope it works for you as well as it has been working for me!

Buffalo Creek said...

This is the best idea I have ever seen! I AM SO doing this next year!!! SO awesome!!! I just refilled their crayon bins today and threw away like 80 empty boxes... I wish I would have kept them :-(

Marcia Beckett said...

I like your crayon box idea. Very cute. I'm wondering if you ever have the problem of kids getting upset because other kids "ruined it" for the rest of the class. And how do you deal with it? That's why I'm hesitant to start a classwide behavior incentive. Any ideas?

Unknown said...

That's a good question Marcia. Actually those kids who "ruin" it is what this is all about.

How I play it is. . . if the class ignores the bad behavior then they get whatever crayon they deserve. So for example is one kid is throwing a fit I'll say, "I love the way you all are concentrating on your work, that earns a silver crayon. Keep it up and you will be the golden class."

The other thing you can do is reward the class for helping the others. "Thank you Mark for going and asking John what was wrong. You can thank Mark later for earning your class the golden crayon."

There is no "perfect" class (especially where I am at right now.) There's always 1,2 or 10 who are going to try to march to the beat of their own drum and it's usually a heavy metal band drum. The key is to make it in the best interest of the rest of the class to either ignore them or help them. Giving out gold's for classes that really go above and beyond to help those kids sends the right message (even though the class wasn't perfect they were proactive.)

The red crayon is up there just so they know it exists. I don't really use it. Make sure to keep your rules flexible enough (don't let those little attention seekers ruin it) so you can use the system to encourage them to do the right thing! Give lots of silvers and greens! Positive vibes.

Amy K said...

LOVE this idea and the simplicity of it, while still being exciting, as I absolutely hate management that takes over the class! A few questions as I figure out how to make this work best: How often do you plan to give out the Golden Crayon award? Every week? Once a month? Can a class earn more than one silver in a class period, or is it one crayon per session? What do you do if more than one class had the same number of silvers?

Misti said...

I love this idea! What did you use to make the golden crayon? I really want to make one for my art room

Unknown said...

I was just thinking about doing a golden paintbrush. I worked with a teacher who did a golden palette.