December 20, 2012

Miniature Landscapes

Did you know that if you put the word miniature in front of anything it becomes exponentially more fun? Try it.

These Miniature Landscapes were so much fun and engaging for every single student.

I saved a bunch of art prints and magazines and let the kids go for it. We talked about creating a horizon line (some of them did) and defined landscape. After that it was up to them. My only requirement was that they had to combine parts of different art works (you could not just glue on a picture and call it your work) to make a picture of a place. 

Here are the results. Being the week before break I didn't stress if some students did not want to make a landscape. Look at the amazing work they created instead. Sometimes real artists just need some rules to break:) 
It reads "Day follows night."
I asked the students who finished early to pick a few words from the magazines that reminded them of their art work.
This is such a beautiful message.
This piece (although it is not a landscape) is very powerful to me after the tragedy in Sandy Hook. I often think this child has a special gift. I have only been working with him for a few months and he is quiet, but his art work always speaks for itself. When I've had the opportunity to talk about his art work with him his thought process is fascinating! Although all my students have unique talents, students who can both create and talk about their art work in a thoughtful way is rare where I am. It is very exciting to me to have such talent to help grow in my classroom. 

The bird is singing "Magical Landscape"

More of a seascape, which we also defined after this work was created. 

"Wonderful Shapes" 

This piece is so fragmented and moody!

Another seascape
We will get this landscape thing eventually!

Now a portrait. So beautiful. Starting to think that restricting them to Landscapes was a mistake!
Maybe we could just talk about what a Landscape, Portrait, Still Life etc are?

"Feelings in The Sky!"

This is so peaceful to me. 

Notice that all of them have little ribbon hangers that I hot glued on at the end of class? That gave them such a finished look.

Happy fact:

The whole project was made from recycled materials! We used matt board from the frame shop (they donated the inside of the matts that usually get thrown away.) The magazines were donated or in the art room since 1968. The ribbon was a donation as well.


Shannah said...

These are so beautiful and deep- I am impressed with how rich these are!!! Love each and every one of these:)

Katie Morris said...

I agree. Beautiful.