August 19, 2012

The ONLY way to make a SEATING CHART

First let me say, after years of trial and error, I believe assigned seating is THE ONLY way to go. It helps the teacher remember names, helps manage behavior, and creates consistency for the students. If you don't believe me then you don't have to tune in this week because it's ALL ABOUT ASSIGNED SEATING. I will be sharing my tips and tricks about how to assign seats the first week and make them stick.

 LAST YEAR I FIGURED OUT THE MOST AMAZING SEATING CHART SOLUTION EVER!!! I have 500+ students, many of whom forget or conveniently forget their assigned seat. After I figured this system out (it is fool proof) I will never go back to drawing another seating chart again. It will only take you minutes to complete the first day of class, but save you hours through the course of the year.

I will reveal the most AMAZING SEATING CHART TIP EVER. . . . . . .  soon.

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Stay tuned. . . the seating chart will be revealed as soon as I get in my classroom to take a picture of this simple system. And thank you for heading over to and liking.

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Unknown said...

I'm starting to feel really bad about the teaser guys! Sorry! I am going into my classroom to set up tomorrow and promise I'll take pics of how to do this simple seating chart:)