June 3, 2012


We all teach reading and writing first, every subject matter, that's what we're told. Literacy has left no time for art or creativity in the Kindergarten classroom I hear.

The conversation between me and this sweet Kindergarten boy went something like this.

"How is your cat going to see?" If you haven't noticed, I'm making the obvious "art teachery" request that he add an eye.
"I don't know?"
"What do we use to see?"
"I don't know?"
You can imagine my frustration in the middle of May in an un-airconditioned classroom with 25 other Kindergarteners who needed my attention. It was not my finest moment when I said,
"AN EYE! We see with our eyes! Can you draw one?"
"Oh OKAY!" He said looking less confused.

He proceeded to draw a stick with a dot on the top in the middle of the face. He looked up at me for approval.

"What is that?" I asked in all sincerity.
"It's an i!"

I could only say one thing.

"Of course it is."

Any kids quotes from your classrooms this week? It's amazing what they come out with isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing......No one who has never taught art to little kids would find this as funny as we do!


Phyl said...

Great story, Erica - you had me guessing until the punchline! Poor kid is probably still wondering why he needed to do that to his cat.....

Thanks for the smile.

Mizz D. said...

O man that is a great one! We should compile a coffee table book of all the silly things are students say.

Stringbean Art said...

I think that we all need to recognize that we probably aren't going to have our finest moments in late May and June with 25 kindergartners and no air conditioning.

I love the fact that you smile about it and keep blogging even though you must be crazy busy!

Thanks for that.

Barbara's Thought of the Day said...


Anonymous said...

Last week, I was talking to a kindergarten class about the life cycle of a butterfly. I asked if anyone knew all of the steps. One student raised their hand and said, "Yes. It starts as a caterpillar then turns into a raccoon and then into a butterfly!" Love it! : )

Kristina said...

ADORABLE! I once had a kindergartner tell me, when asked the difference between and oval and a circle, "The oval is bigger, like me!" He was a bit pudgy, so this was hilarious. And that he said it so matter of factly.

Unknown said...

Mizz D: I'd love to compile all of our stories!!! My problem is I forget most of them no matter how hard I try so I made this kids quotes part of the blog. It helps me remember the funniest and most innocent quotes! They are the reason I still love teaching kinders even tho I'm getting a little tired of teaching basic skills for 1/2 the year to some (like writing their names for 1!) There were a few that despite all my tricks and practicing in art still couldn't completely write their names. Is it just me or is there something really wrong with that? If a government official could come in and teach a few of these kids to write their name, I would vote for them and buy into any education reform they could dream up! RANDOM (sorry)

Tiny Art Room: SO cute and glad u remembered it to share:)

Kristina: that is so cute too! And candid! But it depends which way you hold the oval with a little growing, exercise, and good nutrition most boys become the vertical ovals.