May 13, 2012

Why Write ANOTHER Blog?

I am so excited! I am going to be joining The Art Of Education team as a weekly contributor.


You're probably wondering "why write on another blog?" I at least asked myself that question more then once. I love Art Project Girl and the community on blogger. I also love my 1 1/2 year old, husband who is opening a new restaurant right now, long walks with my dog,  photography, teaching art, and Graduate program (I'm studying Conflict Transformation . . . think Ghandi and King. . .) to add one more thing to my plate, IT HAD TO BE GOOD.

When Jessica from The Art of Education contacted me, I knew she had really thought this through. My mom always says there are dreamers and doers, and she is both. So, I was listening.
First, it is not a blog anymore, it is an online magazine with daily content (by four writers.)
Next, I love beautiful blogs, but I hate formatting (have you ever spent hours trying to get the write layout and color schemes on blogger it is time consuming.)
Finally, it is a professional forum to bring Art Education to the next level. As art educators, many of us talk about feeling like second class citizens, to put it bluntly. Professional development is not tailored to our content area, art is not a mandated subject area in many states, and many of us feel the general population doesn't understand the importance of the arts. So instead of complain, we need to unite as educators to show why creativity in schools is so important and support each other through the process of creating great art education for our students. The Art Of Education is the perfect professional format for me to do this in.

My blog will be more of a professional reflection journal as it has always been. A place to share the day to day triumphs and failures, what works, what doesn't work, an opinionated rant or two, projects, tips, and an occasional picture of Stella!

Hope you enjoy this new professional space to connect as much as I do. Keep checking back in the following weeks as I believe this blog is going through an amazing transformation as it becomes an online art ed magazine.

Thank you for all of your support in my teaching, my new mommyhood, and just becoming a better and more open person. Hoping for your support in this new ART ED MAGAZINE too!


J.ham said...


Marcia Beckett said...

Wow, that's cool! You are going to be really busy :)

Katie Morris said...

I just saw the post on AOE and had to come right over to congratulate you! What a wonderful opportunity! I've always respected the thoughts you share with us and I can't wait to see your contributions to AOE! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Go Erica, Go Erica, Go Erica!(pretend you can see me waving my arms and dancing around my house!)I applaud you for walking in the direction that your heart and mind are beckoning you. As I am planning to leave the profession in a few short years, I will take great satisfaction in knowing that art educators such as you and Jessica are going to carry the torch forward into the future to make sure that quality art education is available for all children. Ilook forward to reading your posts and good luck!


Hope Hunter Knight said...

Can't wait to see how the online magazine format works - exciting!

Paintedpaper said...

Wow!! SO excited for you!!! :)